Unit 1. The Context for Children
Unit 2: Understanding child abuse
Unit 3: Understanding child safeguarding
Unit 4: Safeguarding concerns and abuse

1.1: Perceptions of children and childhood

Around the world

We are going to take a close look at the cultural context of children’s lives. We all come from diverse cultures. Every culture is different and affects our experiences and how we react to those experiences. This exercise is designed to bring out key cultural issues which we will consider in later sessions.

Here we look at three key questions about childhood around the world: how are children perceived in your community today? How do you celebrate childhood and adolescence in your community? How is the transition from childhood to adulthood marked?

In the collaboration exercise that follows these videos, we are going to share how our societies view childhood in their cultural contexts and the different celebrations and rites of passage for children.

Perceptions of children and childhood
in India
Vijay Baskar
Keeping Children Safe
Time: 01:34

Perceptions of children and childhood
in Guatemala

Juan Diego Oquendo
Keeping Children Safe
Time: 01:10