Unit 1. The Context for Children
Unit 2: Understanding child abuse
Unit 3: Understanding child safeguarding
Unit 4: Safeguarding concerns and abuse

2.1: Survey

Christian we need people to be able to see the results of this survey so would mentimeter work here? (questions below)

  1. Hitting children is always
    wrong and is a form of
    child abuse.
  2. Sexual abuse of children is
    not a problem in this
  3. Using a stick as a way of
    disciplining children in
    school is OK.
  4. Reporting abuse is likely to
    make things worse for the
    child so it is better not to
    do or say anything.
  5. Disabled children are more
    at risk of being abused
    than other children
  6. There is no proper legal
    system for reporting abuse
    cases, so it is not worth
    reporting anything.
  7. I would not trust the police
    enough to report child
  8. Staff employed to work
    with children are unlikely
    to abuse them.
  9. Children often make up
    stories about being
  10. Boys are less likely to be
    sexually abused than girls.
  11. A faith leader would never
    abuse a child.
  12. Only men abuse children,
    women are safer.