Unit 1. The Context for Children
Unit 2: Understanding child abuse
Unit 3: Understanding child safeguarding
Unit 4: Safeguarding concerns and abuse

3.2: Learning points

In this lesson, we have discussed the possible risks to children from an organisation’s staff, programmes, partners and operations, and how safeguarding policies and procedures can help keep children safe.

Key learning points include:

  • We know from the news that child abuse can happen within any type of organisation. It is important for all organisations to understand the potential risks they pose to children from their staff, programmes and operations, and how to minimise those risks
  • Without a clear child safeguarding policy and procedures, staff and volunteers may respond differently to a child safeguarding concern. This could put that child at even greater risk
  • Child safeguarding policies can only prevent some aspects of child abuse. No organisation can ever be 100 per cent ‘child safe’
  • Finally, an organisation also needs to be clear about what actions will be taken when abuse occurs outside the organisation, but is brought to its attention.