Unit 1. The Context for Children
Unit 2: Understanding child abuse
Unit 3: Understanding child safeguarding
Unit 4: Safeguarding concerns and abuse

3.3: Learning points

In this lesson, we have learned that there are four International Child Safeguarding Standards: Policy; People; Procedures; and Accountability.

Key learning points include:

  • All children have equal rights to protection from harm
  • Everybody has a responsibility to support the protection of children
  • Organisations have a duty of care to children with whom they work, are in contact with, or who are affected by their work and operations
  • If organisations work with partners they have a responsibility to help partners meet the minimum requirements on child protection
  • All actions on child safeguarding are taken in the best interests of the child, which are paramount.

Read more:

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Further learning

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Daniel Rhind, Loughborough University
Time: 29:31
Safeguarding at GOAL
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