Unit 1. The Context for Children
Unit 2: Understanding child abuse
Unit 3: Understanding child safeguarding
Unit 4: Safeguarding concerns and abuse

Unit 2: Understanding child abuse

Welcome to Unit 2: Understanding child abuse

My name is Stefan Yordanov, I am the Capacity Building Programme Manager at Keeping Children Safe and I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I will be your course facilitator for this unit.

We will focus on child abuse – what do we understand by the term child abuse? What does it mean in our own country? How do local cultural practices, traditions and faith influence how children are safeguarded?


  • Understand what is meant by the term child abuse, particularly in the context of our own country.


  • Explore personal attitudes, values and beliefs about child abuse
  • Define child abuse, locally and internationally
  • Identify the ways organisations and communities protect children.