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Our strategic plan

A coalition for child safeguarding

Before Keeping Children Safe was established, nearly two decades ago, there were no clear global standards to keep children safe and no single, international, legal framework or justice system in which organisations could be held accountable for protecting children from abuse.

Today, it is widely recognised and accepted that all children have the right to be protected, regardless of where they live. To help organisations working directly for and with children develop better child safeguarding practices, we developed tough International Child Safeguarding Standards that help keep children safe around the world. 

These standards call for all organisations to implement rigorous policies and procedures to protect children from abuse. That could mean training staff to understand appropriate language and behaviour. Encouraging teams to run background checks on recruits. And helping families and communities to understand what they can do to support young people.

Leadership commitment

Preventing child abuse takes more than policies and procedures. It also requires leadership, accountability, and culture change – right from the top of your organisation. Implementing our standards means listening to children and communities and transforming the entire culture of an organisation to put their rights, dignity and safety at the heart of every decision.

Today, as a result of our programmes, our extensive open source guidance and toolkits, and through our expanding network of members in over 120 countries, thousands of organisations are implementing the International Child Safeguarding Standards and millions of children worldwide are better protected from abuse.

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2022

In sector after sector, survivors and whistleblowers have exposed horrific child abuse, sometimes after decades of cover-ups and missed opportunities to act. Please do download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (pdf), which sets out how we aim to mobilise the learning and expertise from our decades of program work and the KCS member network, to challenge and support even more organisations around the world to break that cycle of child abuse.

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